Welcome to Can I Compost It!

I've created this small webapp because I was frustrated how useless Google was when I wanted to find out if I can throw something in my garden composting bin.

I didn't expect much from my little webapp, but one day I accidentally posted it on Reddit and it went somewhat viral (you can see it here ). People loved the simplicity and convenience of my webapp and also gave me a ton of useful feedback, so I decided to implement those changes slowly but surely.

My goal with this site is to make it the fastest way to find out if something is compostable. No useless, 2000 word articles about fluff.

Simply type in the item you are wondering about and the webapp will tell you whether it is compostable or not.

The app is based on the latest research on composting and is designed to help you make more eco-friendly choices in your daily life. By using the webapp, you can easily reduce your waste and help the environment.

The app is still in development, so if you have any suggestions or find any bugs, please let me know in email or @korosibalint on Twitter

Thank you for using canicompostit.com! Together, we can make a positive impact on the world.

Tell your friends and family about it and encourage them to use it too. The more people use the app, the more we can all help the environment by reducing waste and making more eco-friendly choices.

If you want to help me you can do the following:

  • - Share CanICompostIt.com on social media.
  • - Tell your friends and family about it.
  • - If you have a website, consider adding a link to canicompostit.com

Thank you for your support!