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You can't put ketchup into your composting bin!

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It is generally not recommended to add ketchup to a home composting bin.

Ketchup is typically made with a mixture of tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, and other ingredients, and it may not break down easily in the compost pile.

In addition, ketchup can contain artificial preservatives and other chemicals that may not be safe for plants.

If you have leftover ketchup that you want to dispose of, it is generally better to throw it in the trash, rather than adding it to a home composting bin.

If you do choose to add ketchup to your compost, be sure to mix it with a large amount of other types of organic matter, such as leaves and grass clippings, to help neutralize the smell and reduce the risk of attracting pests and animals.

It is important to handle ketchup with care and to avoid coming into contact with it, as it may contain artificial additives that are not safe for consumption.

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