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Can I put plantains in my compost bin?


You can put plantains into your composting bin!

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Green material📂
2-5 weeks

Get the right balance of brown and green composting materials in your bin with our expert guide.


Can you put plantains in your compost bin? This is a question many green thumbs and garden enthusiasts find themselves asking when they have leftover plantains they don't want to go to waste. Instead of tossing them into the trash bin, many are considering the eco-friendly option — composting. Composting is an excellent way to recycle organic waste, including plantains, and turn it into nutrient-rich soil for future planting.


Our primary task is to explore the possibility of composting plantains, consider the elements involved, such as the decomposition rate, green material category, and the carbon to nitrogen ratio. This information can be especially handy for both beginner and experienced composters who want to expedite the decomposition process without upsetting the balance of their compost mix.


For novice home composters, it's crucial to understand that composting is nothing more than controlled decomposition. The composting process is aerobic and requires the right balance of green and brown materials to be effective.

YES! It's a resounding YES on the question of including plantains in your compost bin. Plantains fall under the category of green materials, which add necessary nitrogen to your compost pile. They are quickly decomposed, usually within a period of 2-5 weeks because they are already in the process of decaying. This relatively quick decomposition time can be advantageous if your compost pile needs a quick nitrogen boost.

In addition, when considering the carbon to nitrogen ratio (C:N), plantains hold an impressive 25:1 ratio. Maintaining the optimal C:N ratio is vital for compost bin health as it affects the compost pile's overall decomposition process. A higher carbon content can slow down the composting process, while a higher nitrogen content can create a foul odor. With a balanced C:N ratio, plantains can provide our compost with the right amount of nitrogen it needs to speed up the decomposition process without leaving a stench.

While composting plantains, cut them into smaller pieces or slices to provide more surface area for soil organisms to work on, accelerate the decomposition. If the plantains are going bad or have already started decomposing slightly, it's even better. The decomposition process has already begun, making it easier for the compost pile to break them down fully.


By introducing plantains in your compost mix, you're ensuring a quick source of nitrogen which is beneficial for the overall health and rate of decomposition in your compost pile, not forgetting contributing positively towards waste management and creating an eco-friendly environment. After all, composting is a fantastic method to convert our kitchen scraps into a beneficial product that nourishes the garden and cuts down waste simultaneously!

In conclusion, plantains in your compost bin? Absolutely YES! They decompose quickly, provide a magnificent nitrogen source without upsetting the organic material balance in the bin.

Other Considerations

Remember that with composting, diversity is key. As wonderful as plantains are for your compost bin, they should be only a part of the green materials combined with other green and brown materials in your heap. The most effective compost pile contains a balanced mixture of various organic materials. Composting isn't a daunting task with the correct knowledge and method; it's a green method to have rich soil for our garden and contribute positively to our environment.

Ultimately, the goal for us all should be to reduce, reuse and recycle - in which composting fits perfectly. So, the next time you have leftover plantains, you know they don't have to go in your regular trash bin. They can be part of creating a more green and healthy environment.

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