Can I put urine in my compost bin?

NO ✋🏼

You can't put urine into your composting bin!

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Urine is high in nitrogen, which is an important component of compost along with carbon.

However, it is generally not recommended to add urine to a home composting bin for a few reasons: Urine can contain pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses, that can be harmful to humans.

While the high temperatures reached in a compost pile can kill many of these pathogens, it is still important to handle urine with caution and avoid contact with it.

Urine can also contain chemicals, such as medications, that can potentially be harmful to plants.

Urine has a strong smell that may attract pests and animals.

For these reasons, it is generally better to avoid adding urine to a home composting bin.

Instead, it is recommended to flush urine down the toilet or to use it to fertilize outdoor plants by diluting it with water.

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